There comes a time when things finally click. This is when you stop caring about what everyone thinks and you start caring for yourself. Some people call this selfishness, and that’s o.k. because those people1 have pronouns in their bio and don’t care about themselves, they only care for others. That’s the problem, trying to tell everyone else what to do and think and not taking care of themselves.

So this puts you in a bad position. Are you supposed to stay in your lane and be selfish when the pronouns are brainwashing your children? You aren’t going to change shit by staying in your lane and keeping your house clean. For a long time, I was (I still am in many ways) a libertarian through and through. Markets clear, yada yada, but this hasn’t served me or society very well. This might have gotten me moral high ground, but around me society is crumbling.

I don’t have the answers, but I can tell you my plan. I will continue to focus on myself. I will continue to clean my home, but I will also be apologetic in propagating the memes that I want to see in the world. I will be an Unapologetic American Maximalist.

  1. Yes, I understand that “those people” is a cop out. The lefties aren’t the only problem, I understand they are pawns in this spiritual battle. But still, those pawns are the enemy until they bend the knee to our memes. ↩︎