The Gaslighting

“The gaslighting will continue until morale improves.”
– Someone at the CIA probably

I never heard the word gaslighting until the year 2017, the year I stepped foot into a therapist’s office to deal with decades of psychological warfare with my own kin. When I learned what “gaslighting” meant, I thought it was just another word the woke throw around like “nazi” and “racist”. Over time I realized this word is not THEIR word, this is OUR word. It’s a constant watchword in the ongoing meme wars on the American people.

So what is gaslighting and why does your mother, I mean the government do this to you from birth? Because to gaslight is to exert force in a devious manner. In short, gaslighting is a manipulation tactic used to make someone question their own beliefs.

Gaslighting. Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation where a person or a group sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often leading to confusion, loss of confidence, and a sense of psychological instability.

Now ask yourself, why would someone or some group do this? This is rhetorical. Why does the state hate you? It is because the individual is a threat to the state. Your soul is the prize and the state wants it.

Gaslighting Tactics

Gaslighting as a tactic can be carried out in several different ways. It can be carried out peer to peer and amplified through propaganda and other wide communication tactics. Here is a list of gaslighting tactics:

TacticOperation Example
Lying and Denial. The operator blatantly lies or denies facts, even when confronted with evidence.Falsifying reports or evidence, and then denying any wrongdoing or existence of the evidence when questioned.
Discrediting the Victim. The operator spreads misinformation or rumors to undermine the credibility of the victim.Secretly disseminating false information about the victim’s mental health or reliability to others in the operation.
Trivializing Feelings or Beliefs. Making the victim feel their emotions, thoughts, or experiences are insignificant.Constantly questioning the validity of the victim’s feelings or downplaying their concerns about the operation.
Withholding Information. Pretending not to understand the victim or refusing to listen to them.Ignoring or pretending not to understand key information brought up by the victim, making them doubt their own knowledge or communication skills.
Countering. The operator questions the victim’s memory of events, even when the victim remembers them accurately.Challenging the victim’s recollection of an event that happened during the operation, suggesting they remembered it wrong.
Diverting the Conversation. Changing the subject or questioning the victim’s thoughts to avoid addressing their concerns.Switching topics or questioning the victim’s thinking when they try to discuss something critical about the operation.
Using Compassion as a Weapon. Displaying fake kindness to further manipulate the victim.Acting concerned for the victim’s well being while subtly undermining their confidence or decision-making abilities.
Projecting. The operator accuses the victim of their own behaviors or feelings.Accusing the victim of being deceitful or manipulative when it is actually the operator who is exhibiting these behaviors in the operation.
Gaslighting by Forgetting/Denial. Pretending to forget what actually occurred or denying something they previously agreed to.Denying the existence of an agreement or decision previously made during the operation, making the victim question their memory.
Reinforcing Doubt. Repeatedly calling into question the victim’s abilities, judgment, or sanity.Constantly questioning the victim’s decisions or insights in front of others, leading them to doubt their own competence or sanity.
Source: ChatGPT

Now that you’ve read through the list, can you think of ways you’ve been gaslit or ways you have gaslit someone?1 As a twitter power user I can tell you that gaslighting is happening all day everyday on the platform. This is the way, and know that you too are being gaslit by opposing operators all day every day. The key here is to be aware of these tactics and that they are being used around you.

Know The Operators

To be a successful operator, you need to understand when and where to deploy your tactics or engage, and when to stand down. If you’re married, then you know a lot of this through experience. But perhaps a more important piece of information is knowing enemy operators. In the great monetary wars, meme warfare is waged between bitcoiners and commies. Here’s a short list of potential commie operators to be aware of:

  1. Financial Analysts
    • These guys have been shitting on Bitcoin for the past decade, and now that there’s an ETF and daddy Blackrock in the market, now they are experts. They present themselves as impartial experts or market analysts but are actually spreading misinformation or biased analysis to manipulate market sentiment.
  2. Government Officials or Agencies
    • Government officials or agencies often engage in spreading conflicting information about Bitcoin, aiming to create uncertainty and doubt. If they work for the state, then they have no sould. I don’t make the rules.
  3. Mainstream Media
    • Certain media outlets or journalists, under the influence of external, anti-Bitcoin entities2, consistently provide slanted or misleading reports about Bitcoin’s stability, security, or future.
  4. Social Media Influencers
    • This will be the most cringe thirsty bunch of the group. Those who hope to increase influence by means of gaslighting. Beware for those who are taking sponsorship money from our enemy, or even spreading disinformation about decentralization and promoting the centralization of or centralized services.
  5. Fictitious Grassroots Accounts (Astroturfing):
    • These are accounts that appear to be part of the organic, grassroots community but are actually created to spread specific narratives, fostering distrust and confusion within the Bitcoin community. If you are a veteran, you will be able to spot these, but we are about to see a lot of noobies so these operators will be live.

These operators are already in the trenches3 and it’s up to you to be prepared for the gaslighting.

Understanding the dynamics of gaslighting tactics is crucial in the digital battlefield of meme warfare in the great monetary war. The emergence of a Bitcoin ETF and the subsequent narrative battles will be intense and you will question your own beliefs. As individuals, it’s imperative to remain vigilant, critical, and informed to navigate through the complex web of lies and manipulation. Keep your head on a swivel.

Recognizing the tactics used by both benign and malevolent operators is key to maintaining a frame. In meme warfare, your greatest weapon is knowledge (dank memes) and the ability to discern truth from manipulation. This understanding empowers us to meme harder than the enemy. Remember, the gaslighting will continue until morale improves.

  1. By the way, I am not judging you. The purpose here is to help you undersand the tactics that are being used against you and how you might be able to better operate meme warfare for our cause. ↩︎
  2. We individuals are under attack by vile malthusaians who want to rule by violence and destruction. It’s your obligation to reject them. ↩︎
  3. Always Have Been. ↩︎