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  • Unpacking “The Art of Bitcoin Rhetoric”

    Unpacking “The Art of Bitcoin Rhetoric”

    Unpacking the legendary presentation from Michael “Bitstein” Goldstein, “The Art Of Bitcoin Rhetoric, How To Meme Bitcoin To The Moon”. The day this dropped, Brian Bishop transcribed the content, people lost their fucking minds. The maxis were marching in the streets with tiki torches and the shitcoiners were in disbelief. There are some great lessons…


  • Notes on The Viral Aspects of Language

    Notes on The Viral Aspects of Language

    A Quantitative Research of Memetic Selection Criteria This is a 92 page senior thesis. It covers the basics of memes but digs into how memes spread and specific research into virus hoaxes. This paper is broken into 4 chapters: Introduction to Memetics Memes according to Richard Dawkins: Meme – unit of cultural transmission. Memes “propagate themselves in…


  • 2023 Bitcoin Twitter Drama Timeline

    2023 Bitcoin Twitter Drama Timeline

    This list is imperfect and biased. It is not spell checked and the weeks might be off at some point but it is directionally correct. I will likely do this again next year and try to improve it with more links and footnotes. I will likely branch out into all the Beefcoin verticals but who…


  • Simple Sabotage Field Manual

    Simple Sabotage Field Manual

    Learn from the best. The CIA published the Simple Sabotage Field Manual decades ago but there is much to be learned from fiat funded spooks.


  • Deep State Mapping

    Deep State Mapping

    the schizos will prevail, or at least make a diagram of it all.


  • Human Paranormal Capabilities

    Human Paranormal Capabilities

    Research into human paranormal capabilities i.e. the men who talk to goats and all kinds of weird shit.


  • Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare

    Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare

    Original and revised PsyOps documents from Sanitized for your unworthy eyes. A tactical manual for the revolutionary. First published by the Central IntelligenceAgency and distributed to the Contras in Central America. Tayacn How the jungles of South America were won. Original document Revised PDF version