So You Call Yourself A Bitcoin Maximalist

So you call yourself a Bitcoin Maximalist?

What kind of Bitcoin Maximalist are you?

Are you a Monetary Maximalist or a Blockspace Demand Maximalist?

Choose wisely

Purity Tests are helpful, especially if you are the one conducting them. Other times, they might feel harmful or even cringe. At this very moment we are seeing purity tests run in real time on Bitcoin Twitter. Bitcoin Maximalism is being put to the test and a once united front is now being divided and redefining what is means to be a Bitcoin Maximalist.

Much has been written about maximalism, and my understanding of what it means is pretty straight forward… “There’s Bitcoin, and there’s Shitcoin, now go figure out the rest”… but we are at a point where my simple definition is being put to the test. Maximalists were all unified under a common banner of bitcoin-only, laser eyes (laser rays til 100k), and then in 2022 the term “Antima” was coined to describe opponents of toxic maximalism. Maximalism flourished.

Then 2023 happened. The activation of Taproot, one of our shelling points, brought about unintended consequences through the introduction of Ordinals. This new technology brought new ways to use Bitcoin and has caused significant demand for Bitcoin’s precious blockspace. Where monetary transactions were once the only demand for blockspace, they now compete with Ordinals for blockspace. Yes, that means monkey jpegs and other data files are being stored on the bitcoin blockchain.

This puts Bitcoin Maximalists at a cross roads and dividing the once united camp into Monetary Maximalists and Blockspace Demand Maximalists1.

Monetary Maximalists

The Monetary Maximalists are easy enough to label. They want strictly monetary transactions demanding blockspace. They want NO ordinals or any arbitrary non monetary transactions taking up or demanding blockspace. They believe anything that is non monetary on the blockchain is spam. Some of these people are suggesting mining pools should not include ordinals in their block templates, some monetary maximalists hope to disrupt ordinals by running a Bitcoin core patch that applies a filter to reject mempool transactions with ordinals.

It is also interesting to note that the “laser eyes” meme is being associated with the monetary maximalists by some Ordinals enjoyers, many of whom are previous and current shitcoiners grifters and mossad agents.

Blockspace Demand Maximalist

The second camp is the Blockspace Demand Maximalists. This group takes a stand that Bitcoin is a free market, that means that users are free to use it how they want, so long as they follow the rules and pay for it. Some of these folks are Ordinals enjoyers, some are Ordinals respectors, but most simply believe that blockspace is a free market and bitcoin will do it’s thing. Some blockspace demand maximalists believe that Ordinals will eventually be priced out and in general markets clear. Many of these people are laser eyed maxis.

What is to come

I suppose this is the part where I look into the crystal ball and draw some lines… so here goes. I think that Monetary Maximalists will continue to clutch their pearls and try to socially shame Ordinals users. I think they will either just quit bitching about Ordinals at some point or some of them will grow more radical and motion for significant changes to Bitcoin. The latter camp will go the way of big blockers in the past. The Blockspace Demand Maximalists are, in my opinion, more in line with the incentives of Bitcoin itself. Bitcoin does not give a fuck about you or anything except growing, and Ordinals are just another mutation in the Bitcoin memeplex that helps Bitcoin accomplish its growth goal.

You don’t change Bitcoin. Bitcoin changes you… or you Cope and Seethe. Remember Bitcoin is for Enemies.

  1. Look, this camp name is up for debate. some people might call it the free market camp or something like that but I’m the author and I get to define things on this website. ↩︎