$100 Azteco Gift Card

This is the easiest way to onboard a noob or buy bitcoin hassle-free. This $100 Azteco Bitcoin Gift Card is redeemable for Bitcoin at Azteco’s website and natively from within Blue Wallet. DM or email for additional payment options.



Azteco Bitcoin Gift Cards are one of the easiest ways to buy bitcoin. They allow buyers the flexibility to redeem the gift card for Bitcoin to their own wallet or pass the gift card along as a gift to someone else.

LIMITS: $10,000 worth of gift cards per day.

Azteco Fees

  1. COMMISSIONS & FEES: There is a 5% commission on each gift card plus the network fee. The network fee is calculated based on the mempool depth at the time the gift card is purchased so it will vary.
    • Example: You purchase a $100 Azteco Voucher, you will receive a voucher redeemable for ~$93 of bitcoin. $100 – ($5 commission + ~$2 network fee. Yes, the network fee is taken out of your purchase price.)
  2. The vouchers value is locked into the amount of BTC they are worth at the moment I create them, not the moment you checkout. Don’t try to time a voucher purchase on the minute chart, I am not that fast.
  3. If paying with debit card or credit card, there’s an additional 5% processing fee added. See above.

Information about Fees

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On Chain, Lightning