Payment Channels, Fees, Limits

A quick look at accepted payment channels

Payment ChannelAvailable Online OR DirectAzteco Fee + Channel FeeDaily LimitsOther Notes
BTCOnline5% + Network Fee + Additional $10 fee during > 100 sat/vb markets$500 Minimum
$10,000 Maximum
$500 minimum on this channel. Due to the additional fees, it makes more sense to purchase as much as possible so the additional fees are less percent of overall total.

All online purchases receive .5% sats back in LN via Oshi.
Debit + Credit CardOnline5% + 5%$500 Minimum
$2,000 Maximum
Fiat rails are slow and expensive, that’s why the additional 5% fee. You must request your own portal for this. This is to protect me against charge back.

Contact ->

All online purchases receive .5% sats back in LN via Oshi.
ZelleDirect5%$500 Minimum
$10,000 Maximum
This is handled via direct message. You contact us, we send you our zelle information, you make payment and tell us how much has been sent, once confirmed, we DM the gift card.

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USPS Money Order or CashDirect5%$2,000 Minimum
$10,000 Maximum
Contact us to receive instructions. $2,000 minimum on this channel because we have to physically handle money and travel to the bank to move money.

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CashApp / Venmo / PayPalDirect5% + 1.5% expedite fee$500 Minimum
$1,000 Maximum
Least preferred method. It is painful to move money through these rails. Additional fees cover the instant transfer between bank accounts.

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Orange Label Payment Channels + Fees + Limits

Azteco Fees Explained

  1. COMMISSIONS & FEES: There is a 5% commission on each gift card plus the network fee. The network fee is calculated based on the mempool depth at the time the gift card is purchased so it will vary.
    • Example: You purchase a $100 Azteco Voucher, you will receive a gift card that’s redeemable for ~$93 of bitcoin. $100 – ($5 commission + ~$2 network fee. Yes, the network fee is taken out of your purchase price.)
  2. The gift cards value is locked into the amount of BTC they are worth at the moment I create them, not the moment you checkout. Don’t try to time a gift card purchase on the minute or hour chart, I am not that fast.
  3. Under high transaction fee circumstances, we will add a fixed $ cost to BTC puchases of Azteco gift cards in order to cover the cost of rapidly processing the order.