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  • A Machiavellian Interpretation of Political Dynamics

    A Machiavellian Interpretation of Political Dynamics

    147 Pages of Saylor Alpha which I have not even read in completion.

  • Trigrams


    Essential tool in the great meme war. Made popular by Bitstein in “The Art of Bitcoin Rhetoric”. Learn them and use them. They are effective communication tools and are useful in meme propagation. Trigram. A group of three consecutive units. These units can be letters, numbers, or other elements, depending on the context. Trigrams Orange…

  • Notes from Meme Warfare

    Notes from Meme Warfare

    How to Overthrow the Powers that be On a Low Budget Great read on meme warfare. Foundational. This articles describes memes, memeplex, how memes spread, how the memeplex gets and holds power, memeplex vulnerability, and how to subvert current memeplex. Let me first level set what you’ll get out of this. You WILL walk away…

  • Notes on The Viral Aspects of Language

    Notes on The Viral Aspects of Language

    A Quantitative Research of Memetic Selection Criteria This is a 92 page senior thesis. It covers the basics of memes but digs into how memes spread and specific research into virus hoaxes. This paper is broken into 4 chapters: Introduction to Memetics Memes according to Richard Dawkins: Meme – unit of cultural transmission. Memes “propagate themselves in…

  • Notes on Memetics – A Growth Industry in US Military Operations

    Notes on Memetics – A Growth Industry in US Military Operations

    Bullet points from this Marine Corps paper on memetics. This is from 2005, seems like some of these ideas have been incorporated into the latest FM. Thesis: Tomorrow’s US military must approach warfighting with an alternate mindset that is prepared to leverage all elements of national power to influence the ideological spheres of future enemies…

  • 2023 Bitcoin Twitter Drama Timeline

    2023 Bitcoin Twitter Drama Timeline

    This list is imperfect and biased. It is not spell checked and the weeks might be off at some point but it is directionally correct. I will likely do this again next year and try to improve it with more links and footnotes. I will likely branch out into all the Beefcoin verticals but who…

  • From 1974 FM33-1

    From 1974 FM33-1

    Psychological Operations and the Combat Commander

  • Because Physical Wounds Heal

    Because Physical Wounds Heal

    We simple plebs can’t begin to fathom the scale and budgets that go into state operated psychological operations. When you have a monopoly on violence and money creation, your incentives are to keep and increase power. State actors simply extract value for themselves along the way, at a cost to the freemen. Now if you…

  • This Is Law

    This Is Law

    If you want to understand the world, you must understand the law. Do yourself a favor and download a law dictionary, and the next time you have to sign something, look up the definition of EVERY word in the contract you are signing. You will likely have your mind blown at what these words mean.…

  • Simple Sabotage Field Manual

    Simple Sabotage Field Manual

    Learn from the best. The CIA published the Simple Sabotage Field Manual decades ago but there is much to be learned from fiat funded spooks.

  • Handbook of Hate Memes

    Handbook of Hate Memes

    I can’t believe the EU funded this. I mean I can believe it but still…

  • Genuine Leak Decision Chart