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  • Notes on The Viral Aspects of Language

    Notes on The Viral Aspects of Language

    A Quantitative Research of Memetic Selection Criteria This is a 92 page senior thesis. It covers the basics of memes but digs into how memes spread and specific research into virus hoaxes. This paper is broken into 4 chapters: Introduction to Memetics Memes according to Richard Dawkins: Meme – unit of cultural transmission. Memes “propagate themselves in…

  • Ctrl + R

    Ctrl + R

    It’s only been like two weeks but I went ahead and refreshed the brand kit. Over this summer we’ve gone from nothing but a wordmark, to a smiley face, to a custom smiley + other assets. I found a generic smiley face a couple weeks ago and placed the “OL” in place of the eyes.…



    Developing the style guide. In recent weeks, I grappled with a core challenge: How can we effectively market a brand that offers only one or two products? How many times can one post “buy my product” without sounding repetitive, particularly for a single item? My quest was to uncover a compelling top-of-funnel narrative beyond merely…