An Appeal To Heaven

There’s a force in America that wishes to destroy all that is good, all that is holy, all that Western Civilization (Christians) has built. It is a sly, evil, thing that infiltrates and destroys from within. This force has full control over the US Government and it’s agencies, the American universities, the military complex, and medical complex, the media, and most importantly has keys to all information rails. The only force that is countering this evil in the world is good men armed with physical and digital weaponry. Since the pandemic, the evil had a real life war game to see how far they can push things. They learned the American, despite all the memes of sovereignty and liberty, can be pushed and corralled very far. Only a very small percent of the population actually resisted the evil. So they understand numbers wise how far they can push things. They learned how psyops can be used to manipulate behavior, and they learned how extreme they can push things in order to accomplish their goals, that is more power. But they discounted American Supremacy.

They continue their tests in real time. With platforms such as twitter, they can see how messages spread. They can map how memes spread through networks. They learned who to censor, and who to hype in the digital age in order to forcibly propagate the memes. But they discounted the frogs. They discounted the savages and the back channels. They discounted the power of cryptography. They discounted our God given rights, our rights as men, and our American Supremacy.

We might be out numbered, but it doesn’t take a majority to topple a regime. We are armed with information, we are armed with channels to spread information, and we are armed. God is on our side and we will win. There is no alternative, the table stakes are freedom or slavery and American Supremacists are no slaves.